Animal Rights
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NCRAOA Animal Rights FAQ

Understanding Animal Rights. by Laurella Desborough

The Crucial Difference in Animal Welfare and Rights Understanding why extremism has nothing to do with legitimate concern for animals. By David Rothbard and Craig Rucker. May 7, 2004, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

The human-animal bond has been an important driver to the success of companion animal practice, but it can have a down side.Changing the status of animals from chattel to companions could change the amount of damages awarded by courts for emotional suffering. Conventional courts generally prohibit large awards that accompany malpractice, wrongful injury or death litigation because, as a rule, a pet is worth no more than its "fair market value." Any change in their legal standing would cause insurance premiums to skyrocket, experts say. DVM Magazine, Apr 1, 2003

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Foundation for Biomedical Research. Fact vs myth about research, and animal rights activism

Karl Keating's E-Letter: Animal Rights and Wrongs. Catholic Answers, January 25, 2005

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Animal Producers From Mars, Animal Lovers From Venus? Feb. 2008 According to Wes Jamison, a professor of agricultural and natural resource politics, The urbanization of the American population has led to seemingly irresolvable differences between society�s fundamental beliefs and agriculture�s.

Animal Rightists: Coming to a Town Near You - Are Your Council Members Being Used as Pawns?

The Future of Dogs in America by Walt Hutchens, Timbreblue Whippets

"Animal Rights:" Pernicious Nonsense For Both Law & Public Policy. by Richard K. Latimer, Attorney at Law
So-Called Animal Rights Activists Are, From The Perspective Of A Genuine Environmentalist Ethic, Not Concerned With Any Real, Scientific Policies To Protect Other Species Through Environmental Controls Against Habitat Loss And Pollution Or Through Scientifically Valid Wildlife Management Policies.

Animal rights groups no joke, warns Missouri ag Professor. July 7, 2007, Courtesy livestock weekly

Where Animal Rights Went Wrong. by Jo-Anne Pontone DVM

The myth of animal protectionism by Tibor R. Machan

Fifty Ways To Lose Your Rover by Cindy Cooke,
Legislative Specialist UKC. Published in Bloodlines magazine 2004

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Testimony of Congressman Charles W. Stenholm to the House Committee on Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry May 8, 2007

Washington Post, Dec. 8, 2008. Terrorizing Medical Research by P. Michael Conn and James V. Parker

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A Rhetorical Analysis of "Animal Rights Uncompromised: There's No Such Thing as a Responsible Breeder" By Sandy Jordan, Ph.D.

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Animals don't have rights, but humans do have duties