Animal Rights
vs Animal Welfare


Established in 1954, HSUS began as an animal welfare organization. Over the years HSUS assimilated leaders and ideas from the animal rights movement, moving closer to the complete animal rights ideology it maintains today. Through effective marketing and campaigns directed at the public's natural love of animals to solicit funds, HSUS has grown to be a household word and an industry giant worth over $200 million.

What drives this mammoth organization? Is it animal welfare goals of humane treatment and stewardship or animal rights philosophy which would eliminate from our lives the use of animals in any fashion? To understand the goals, you must examine the beliefs of the leaders, not the campaigns that claim to be for the protection of animals.

Wayne Pacelle. President, Humane Society of the United States; former Executive Dir. & National Dir., the Fund For Animals; former president, Animal Rights Alliance; former chairman, Animal Rights Network Inc.; former editor, The Animals Agenda magazine. Pacelle, a strict vegan who converted to the animal rights philosophy after reading Peter Singer's Animal Liberation, joined HSUS in 1994 after working at the anti-hunting group the Fund for Animals for six years. There he helped radical Paul Watson and his violent Sea Shepherd Conservation Society raise money for ships, and assisted Alex Pacheco and PETA as they ran an undercover investigation of a primate research lab.

Quoting Paul Shapiro, HSUS staffer, Compassion Over Killing co-founder, "nothing is more important than promoting veganism.", 2004 National Student Animal Rights Conference.

Quoting Michael Markarian. Executive VP Humane Society of the United States; Past President, Fund for Animals; Board member Institute for Animals and Society: "..your everyday meat-eaters and cosmetics users; they are not vivisectors, they are not slaughterhouse operators, and they have basic feelings of compassion. But they are accustomed to eating, wearing, and using animal products, and they need to be convinced to give them up. They can be won over - slowly but surely they are being won over ...."

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HSUS until recently avoided becoming involved in hands-on care for animals, for reasons Amory himself articulated in early position statements: to focus on advocacy, to avoid any dilution of mission, and to escape philosophical compromises that might be driven by the need to raise money to feed and house animals.

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"The animal rights movement would allow people no more rights than rats or cockroaches. The real agenda of this movement is not to give rights to animals, but to take rights from people - to dictate our food, clothing, work, recreation, and whether we will discover new medicines or die. Animal rights pose an extraordinary threat to our health, freedom, and even our lives." AnimalScam by Kathleen Marquardt, Herbert M. Levine and Mark LaRochelle, pg. 6 (1993)

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TOP STORY ... WSB-TV (Atlanta) airs daring expose' of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Washington. Last night WSB-TV in Atlanta aired a groundbreaking expose' of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the U.S. animal rights industry's richest and most deceptive fundraiser.

Quotes from HSUS leaders and directors illustrate the beliefs and goals of this radical organization.

Welfare's Political Animal by Jennifer Fiala, DVM Newsmagazine. HSUS front man Wayne Pacelle says mainstream America is driving a new welfare agenda He's been called a wolf in sheep's clothing, a man with hidden agendas and the most influential player the animal-welfare arena has ever seen.

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HSUS readies launch of new veterinary association It's called the Humane Society Veterinary Association (HSVA) and will serve as the newest arm of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). HSVA represents a merger with the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR).

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Animal agriculture faces challenges from activists. "The single greatest enemy we must defeat is the Humane Society of the United States. HSUS has a distinct advantage in the animal rights movement, explained Steve Kopperud, senior vice president of Policy Directions, because people think it's affiliated with local humane shelters, and it's not."

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